At Blue Orchid Hotels, we recognise the importance of respecting, caring for and proactively engaging with social, economic and environmental issues within our local communities and globally. We aim to actively encourage and execute our CSR principles and initiatives in all that we do.

Our business approach is grounded in beliefs which seek to integrate and maintain practices that promote positive contribution to local life, whilst finding innovative ways to minimise the environmental impact on the communities in which we operate.


At Blue Orchid Hotels, we are committed to making a positive impact in our local communities and support numerous organisations who are making a difference to those most in need in society.

It is our responsibility to engage the communities in which we work, investing and developing community initiatives, together with leading industry activities that share a central theme to our business - advocating positive contributions to local life. Find out about some of the organisations who we are proud to support.


A UK registered charity, Integrity International Trust (IIT)’s mission is to build positive futures for the most vulnerable people in society.

IIT aims to improve opportunities for those most in need, providing: health & welfare programmes, skills and vocational training and job opportunities. IIT protects those at risk, providing rehabilitation and disaster recovery (in particular following natural disasters) and in confronting the growing global crime of sex trafficking.

It is vital to Blue Orchid Hotels that we support Integrity International Trust in their pioneering work.


World leaders established global goals to build a better world by 2030. It is now in the responsibility of businesses to work together to adhere to these goals and shape a more positive future for all. With our work, we aim to put an end to poverty, to fight inequality and to address the urgency of climate change. Read about our collective work towards accomplishing these global goals for sustainable development.

Blue Orchid Hospitality considers all aspects of sustainability initiatives including design, procurement, energy and waste management. Download the file below to find out more.