Head and neck cancer is one of the fastest growing cancer types in the UK, yet is only receiving 2% of research funding. Oracle Cancer Trust is the UK’s national leading charity solely dedicated to funding research into head and neck cancer. Their pioneering work, led by some of the world’s leading authorities on head and neck cancer treatment, has resulted in breakthroughs in delivering new techniques and treatment for patients. Through the donation of funds, accommodation and venue sponsorship, together with a number of experiential auction prizes, we support Oracle Cancer Trust in their vital work so they can make a positive difference to the lives of those most in need. Our founder and Chairman of Blue Orchid Hotels, Tony Matharu, is Vice President of the Oracle Cancer Trust.

For further information about Oracle Cancer Trust, please visit: https://oraclecancertrust.org

Supporting some of the most marginalised and at risk children in the UK, the Lord’s Taverners creates a range of opportunities for young people to engage in sport and recreational activities in their local communities to give children a sporting chance; a chance to interact, to play and train, to learn, to have fun and to make friends. There are currently 4.6m young people in the UK living in poverty or with a disability, the Lord’s Taverners aims to overcome these barriers and provide an equal chance to all. We support the Lord’s Taverners to assist them in delivering their valuable work. Our founder and Chairman of Blue Orchid Hotels, Tony Matharu, is a Trustee of the Lord’s Taverners and Chairman of the London City Region.

For further information about the Lord's Taverners, please visit: https://www.lordstaverners.org/

Founded in 1866, St Andrew's Club is a local charity and community-based youth centre in Westminster that has been enriching young lives for over 150 years. St Andrew’s Club is the world’s oldest community based youth club. In Westminster, around 40% of children are classed as living below the poverty line. Supporting around 700 local young people, St Andrew’s Club gives them the chance to thrive and give back to society through their varied youth programmes - helping them develop educationally, socially and personally through a wide range of sport, art, practical skills, trips out and training. Through monetary donations, venue and event space sponsorship and mentoring, we assist St Andrew’s Club in making a positive difference to the lives of the youth of Westminster.

For further information about St Andrew's Club, please visit: https://www.standrewsclub.com

Dedicated to making positive contributions to local partners and cultural curation and maintaining London as the world’s best place to stimulate creative arts, we are proud to support the London Indian Film Festival as a main sponsor.

Our founder and Chairman, Tony Matharu, is also the first Patron of the London Indian Film Festival, supporting the festival for over ten years and assisting in its growth to become the UK and Europe's largest Asian film festival.

For further information about London Indian Film Festival, please visit: https://londonindianfilmfestival.co.uk/

The Brandenburg Choral Festival of London is the city’s largest and broadest celebration of all things choral. Throughout the year, the festival brings together a variety of choirs and vocal ensembles from classical to jazz, a cappella or accompanied, gospel, choral scholars and community choirs. Brandenburg presents over a hundred concerts of unparalleled variety. We are proud to support this community musical organisation.

For further information about The Brandenburg Choral Festival, please visit: https://www.brandenburg.org.uk/

The Academy of Ideas has been expanding the boundaries of public debate since 2000; providing a forum where ideas can be interrogated and argued for and new ideas, research and trends can be explored. The Academy of Ideas provides a truly accessible, living university. One focus of their work is to ensure that new generations look behind the headlines and avoid over simplistic conclusions on difficult topics. Part of their organised intelligent public debates are London’s Battle of Ideas Festival, and the Debating Matters Championships for Sixth form students; providing forums for discussion involving academics, thinkers and experts. As a Battle Champion we sponsor and support these festivals, recognising the importance of advancing debate, dialogue and education to develop wider understanding and good citizenship.

For further information about The Academy of Ideas, please visit: https://www.academyofideas.org.uk/

Designed to inspire local inner-city youngsters to partake in sport, Spencer Lynx Community Outreach Programme delivers hockey coaching to local children who have not had the opportunity to play before. Whilst increasing their physical activity and mental wellbeing, the programme develops teamwork skills, encourages loyalty and responsibility and teaches respect for others. The programme leader won BBC London’s Unsung Hero of the year for amazing contribution to community sport in the London area. We are honoured to sponsor the Spencer Lynx Community Outreach Programme. Founder and Chairman of Blue Orchid Hotels, Tony Matharu, is Chairman of Spencer Junior Hockey Club.

For further information about Spencer Lynx, please visit: http://hockey.spencerclub.org/

We proudly partner with Justice and Care, providing support and venue and event services. Justice and Care helps to rescue those who have been trafficked and brutally exploited in slavery, the second largest crime in the world. Partnering with law enforcement agencies, Justice and Care assist to dismantle criminal networks and bring abusers to justice and work with Governments to attain systemic change. Justice and Care has trained 45,000 police, judges and front-line professionals and assisted the Police to arrest more than 1,150 suspected traffickers. We are honoured to support their ground-breaking work.

For further information about Justice & Care, please visit: https://www.justiceandcare.org/

We understand the importance of taking care and paying respect to our local communities, residents and environments. For that reason, we provide support to The Thorney Island Society and the Vincent Square Residents Association for their meetings and AGMs, and listen closely to their views. Founded in 1985, The Thorney Island Society is a Westminster conservation and amenity society, who look after the interests of both residents and businesses within the area. The Vincent Square Residents Association represents residents collectively to improve the amenities and enjoyment of the locality and acts as a voice on local matters.

For further information about The Thorney Island Society, please visit: http://thethorneyislandsociety.org.uk/ttis/

For further information about Vincent Square Residents Association, please visit: http://www.vincentsq-residents.org.uk/

The only half marathon to go through both the City of London and City of Westminster, The London Landmarks Half Marathon is not your average half marathon. Runners can explore the capital on a route meandering between London’s most iconic landmarks including the Tower of London and the London Eye, cultural landmarks and heritage spots to the city's quirky and hidden secrets. The London Landmarks Half Marathon delivers a city-wide community engagement programme involving schools, boroughs, community groups, cultural organisations and sports clubs. We are proud to be a part of this significant event, supporting with venue and accommodation services for their staff, runners, and partners.

For further information about The London Landmarks Half Marathon, please visit: https://www.llhm.co.uk/

At Blue Orchid Hotels we firmly believe in partnerships; generating collective value from collaborative action. Therefore, we have merged our efforts with other independent organisations to support the London community and are delighted to be a part of Here to Help London. Together with them and other co-sponsors, Blue Orchid Hotels has contributed to provide London’s NHS service providers, key workers, local authority referrals and the wider community with:

  • Over 5,000 room nights of safe and independent living accommodation
  • Catering and delivery of over 30,000 meals
  • 24-7 helpline
  • Soap and hand lotion distribution
  • Free eggs, Easter pancakes and meals to vulnerable London residents
  • Over 1,000 free pancakes and panettones to central London hospitals
  • Free books

For further information about Here to Help London, please visit: http://www.heretohelplondon.com/

Every day, boatloads of people fleeing war and poverty arrive on the small Greek Island of Lesbos from Turkey. The island, situated at the forefront of this humanitarian crisis, bears witness to the resilience and desperation of those seeking safety and a better life.

Integrity International Trust has partnered with Ergon Education Centre in Greece to support women in need and create a community for them. The Ergon Education Centre provides education in English and digital and vocational skills, specifically focusing on engaging women with little to no schooling experience. The primary objective is to extend vital support to women who may be struggling with diverse challenges, creating a safe and inclusive environment where they can find assistance and solidarity, building a sense of community among women, fostering connections, and empowering them through shared experiences and resources.

Additional Charities and Organisations We Support