Environmental Impact

We are dedicated to operating all areas of our business in a sustainable and responsible manner. With the power of collaboration, we sustainably source environmentally friendly products and are committed to working with local suppliers. Naturally, we always encourage our guests to conserve on energy consumption.

Our newest all-suites hotel, Tower Suites, in Tower Hill has an innovative, high-quality design delivered at low energy demand. The advanced features of Tower Suites enables a large percentage of the building’s total energy usage to be generated from renewable energy sources, satisfying the requirements of the City Corporations’ vital clean energy development plan for 2026. The hotel has achieved the BREEAM “Excellent” qualification.

We are always on the lookout for pioneering ways to have a positive impact on the environment. We also seek to work with partners, who in turn will conduct responsible business practices and maintain our high environmental standards.

Diversity and equal opportunities

We are dedicated to ensuring equal opportunities and fairness within our business and pride ourselves on the exemplary values and high standards we set; leading with integrity. Our current employee gender split is 59% female: 41% male. We ensure the equal ease of access to opportunities regardless of gender, including economic participation and decision-making.

We are proud of and value the diversity of our team and partners and those living within our local communities. We also look to work with suppliers who reflect our standards on equality and diversity.

Business relationships

Central to our business is the strength of our long-term relationships with our guests, partners and team, which we continue to develop. We strongly believe in the power of collaborative working; generating mutually beneficial relationships from collaborative action.

We pride ourselves on the exemplary values and high standards we set in the way we serve our customers and conduct our business relationships. We always endeavour to use fair and transparent procurement methods. We lead with integrity, earn and demonstrate respect, and treat our guests and associates with the warmth and friendliness of an extended family.

Global Goals for Sustainable Development

Read about our collective work as a company towards accomplishing the global goals outlined by world leaders for sustainable development and shape a more positive future for all. With our work, we aim to put an end to poverty, to flight inequality and to address the urgency of climate change. Find out more here.