Jun 3 2022 12:51PM
White Bengal Tiger Finds its Home in Blue Orchid Hotels

London, England, December, 2021 - A large Bengal white tiger has found its new home in the lobby of Tower Suites by Blue Orchid Hotels in London.

Artist Chila Kumari Singh Burman known for her multimedia work, combining her Indian roots with popular culture and a commissioned artist of London’s prestigious Tate Britain gallery, created the large Bengal tiger figurine, now proudly sitting at Tower Suites, one of London’s leading independent hotel collection - Blue Orchid Hotels.

Chila’s White Tiger, 2020 takes inspiration from her father’s ice cream van which had installed to its roof, a large Bengal tiger model. The tiger symbol marked her father’s brave reference to his cultural diversity, and it is this bravery, in proudly calling out the need for diversity that Chila has championed throughout her practice and in this White Tiger piece.

Chila’s White Tiger has been displayed outside Tower Suites as part of Blue Orchid Hotels ongoing commitment to and collaborative working with, the Arts and Culture sector.

Chila Kumari Singh Burman commented: “The tiger serves as an invitation to reflect on the warmth and dynamism the hospitality industry offers to the world, whilst celebrating the industry's resilience. Arts and culture have remained resilient following a global pandemic, uniting us in times where we may feel more isolated than ever. Much like the white tiger, we all retain our unique, clever and powerful qualities in an ever changing world.”

Chila’s employment of the tiger motif, calls attention to the animals fierce, resilient and gentle qualities as well as their ability to survive despite human intervention. It was also her support of the WWF Art For Your World campaign, which seeks to combat dangerous climate change and protect the consequently endangered and rare white tiger, that motivated this neon sculpture.

Blue Orchid Hotels owner and Founder Tony Matharu commented: “We are delighted to host Chila’s prestigious White Tiger and Heart pieces and all that they symbolise as part of our partnership with the arts and culture sectors, stimulating and working with innovators and creatives who can do so much for London’s unique, diverse and vibrant offering, shining a light on local and global issues and reinforcing London’s prime status as the leading global city. It has never been more important or relevant to engage, support and collaborate with cultural and commercial offerings. Culture and art have a critical role in London’s business recovery- re-animating areas, incentivising a return to work places and emphasising London’s diversity and talent.”

Tony Matharu is known for his support of the Arts & Culture, assisting many London and global initiatives; as a Patron of a London film festival, supporting The Darbar Music Festival and Artichoke, as Theme Champion for the Lord Mayor’s Culture and Commerce Taskforce, and being involved as a board member of various other cultural organisations.

Chila’s colourful and dynamic Heart sculpture has also been installed within the Tower Suites hotel alongside the White Tiger and is designed to represent love in the atmosphere, particularly at this time still being impacted by a constantly changing world.

Chila Kumari Singh Burman

Since the mid-1980s Chila has been exploring the experiences and aesthetics of Asian femininity in paintings and installations, photography and printmaking, video and film. Chila is currently making a new body of work to draw all of these together and to develop the ideas and images contained in the new cultural contexts of national and international politics in the twenty-first century.

Challenging stereotypical assumptions of Asian women, Chila’s work is informed by popular culture, Bollywood, fashion, found objects, the politics of femininity the celebration of feminity; the relationship between popular culture and high art; gender and identity politics.

In 2018, Chila received an honorary doctorate from University of the Arts London for her impact and recognised legacy as a British and International artist. In 2020, Chila was selected into the Art Workers Guild as a Brother.

Chila Kumari Singh Burman was responsible for the transformation of the front of Tate Britain into a celebration of bright lights, commissioned by the institute.