Where to Hire The Top Corporate Event Venues in London?

May 21, 2021

With so many options to choose from, we’ve put this handy guide together to help you find the top corporate event venues in London. Now bookings at hotels for business meetings are beginning to pick back up as people return to work in person. So, it’s time to find the best luxury meeting rooms London has to offer, and begin with the top rated places in the Big Smoke.

These places allow you to host events that pack a punch, while keeping attendees safe, limiting travel and contact with others, and ensuring everything you need is available onhand. Read on to discover the best 5 star hotels in London to host a powerful and effective corporate event.

Corporate Requirements in London

What you should think of when deciding which of the many luxury meeting rooms London are best for your visit, is to consider what features the venue offers to facilitate a convenient experience. If you’re looking to save money, there are many options that offer a single room for day use that comes complete with chairs and tables. This option tends to give more independence to the proceedings, but can make things a little overwhelming and overstretched: particularly when the equipment for presenting, catering and transportation needs to be coordinated with multiple other third parties.

If, however, you’re visiting with a large group, want more hands-on assistance with the set up, want to avoid hiring your own equipment and Covid testing, or don’t want to indulge in arranging a lunch for 10+ people with different dietary requirements (we don’t blame you for the last one!) then choosing one of the city’s beautiful luxury hotels is the perfect choice. Not only will you have a professional team of event staff at your assistance, but also be able to create an entirely streamlined day that allows you to focus on delivering your message and build a memorable corporate event.

Which are the Best Districts for Corporate Events?

The first place to start when finding a 4 star hotel in central London to host your corporate event is to think about the district you want to be in. 

Where do the majority of your guests come from to arrive at the event venue? How many guests are you expecting? And how long do you expect the event to run for? All of these are key considerations to help you decide how close to central London you should ideally be. 

Naturally, conferencing spaces closer to the central districts are more costly. However, if you are hosting international or long-distance guests the best 5 star hotels in London for corporate events are closer to the large train stations and Victoria coach station in central London. You’ll also find train links to the city’s many airports, high-speed cross country trains, and the Eurostar. 

Why Should I Choose a Hotel Venue?

There are myriad reasons why a classy hotel in central London should be the first choice when looking to host your corporate event.

  1. Minimise person to person contact

By allowing the attendees to stay where the event venue is, you minimise the travel requirements for each delegate. While recent studies have found there is little to no risk of COVID-19 infection being spread through public transport, you are also limiting any concerns your invitees may have. Moreover, the money spent on travelling in public transport or by taxi to and from the venue can be spent at the venue for a nice drink.

  1. Encourage attendees to build relationships 

When all your guests are located onsite, it is easier to encourage team-building and networking both before and after business hours while your corporate event is taking place. Most hotels for business meetings will have an on-site bar or restaurant that you can reserve for your staff to spend time in before retiring to their rooms, great for maximising team cohesion, participation and enjoyment.

  1. Reduce amount of administrative planning

As previously mentioned, the main benefit of choosing a hotel for your corporate event is that they will almost always have a professionally trained events team to handle and help you pull off the best and most memorable events. As they know their space, they’ll be able to switch around seating arrangements in breaks and present equipment like the backs of their hands. Gone are the days when you needed to spend hours searching for rented microphones and a flexible meal delivery provider. With an inhouse team everything you need will be taken care of instantly.

How to Find the Perfect Corporate Hotel Venue?

Firstly, choose your location. You’ll have narrowed it down to central London, but which of the many options is best? Our personal favourite location to find a 4 star hotel in central London with event capabilities is Victoria. Located near the city’s popular shopping and tourist hotspot Westminster, the district also contains Victoria Coach Station and Victoria Train station where the Gatwick Express runs from everyday.

Be sure to find a place with an onsite events team that has a strong experience in event planning and hosting. Prefer places like Blue Orchid Hotels where you can get in touch with the reservations or events teams to receive a walk-through of the options before the event. You’ll also find that the teams are full of expert events knowledge and are always happy to make your event go as planned.

Make sure your chosen hotel has the space for the sort of set up you need. If you don’t need a lot of space, or are looking for a larger hall with breakout rooms, The Rochester should be your go-to. Tower Suites is perfect for utilising the space for multiple purposes throughout your event. With moveable walls, the space can be transformed from a small video conference to full corporate event in seconds: great for those indecisive planners or weekend-long events made up of multiple smaller conferences. If you’re looking for a more regal space with plenty of room to move about, The Wellington is right for you. Check out our Meetings and Events page to decide and book your space.

Finally, don’t forget to check out how the events team are planning on keeping you and your guests safe while staying at the hotel. Make sure they have made their cleaning and safety protocols public on their website for your safety and a seamless corporate event experience.

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