The London Landmarks Half Marathon

March 05, 2020

The London Landmarks Half Marathon takes place on the 29th of March this year, the annual event has now gained support from over fourteen thousand runners, including staff members from Blue Orchid Hotels and its partners!

The event is organized by Tommy’s, the leading charitable organization for babies in the UK, providing funding for research into the prevention of premature births, stillbirths, miscarriages. In 2014 they created the half marathon as a way of raising more money, and it blossomed from there into the city-wide event we know today.

The race’s tagline- ‘The Grand, The Quirky, The Hidden’, highlights everything that is great about the race and its attempts to shine a light on London’s most extravagant landmarks and its most unusual historical details. The race begins a short walk from St James’s Park, and Blue Orchid Hotels’ very own The Wellington and The Rochester- making them some of the best hotels close to the London Landmarks Half Marathon start line.

London Landmark Half Marathon

The runners start off by passing Nelson’s column in Trafalgar Square, and continue along past Britain’s smallest police station which was initially created so the police could watch over demonstrators in Trafalgar Square and ensure they were keeping the peace. Next of the landmarks is a building that will look familiar to many: the location of Gringotts Bank from the world-famous Harry Potter series. The big white buildings border the road all the way to St Paul’s cathedral and St Paul’s train station, past Shakespeare’s house and to the bustling Bank station.

The runners will then pass by the Tower of London and our Tower Suites, the route’s turn-around point nearby making it a great five-star Central London hotel to stay in if you want a good night sleep before getting up early to cheer on a loved one. Cheering is hungry work, so once you are finished watching the racers, join the diners at the exquisite Tower Suites restaurant for 15% off homemade Italian food and free face painting for kids!

Once it has passed through Tower Hill, the race travels west along the River Thames, first passing by Pudding Lane and Monument, and reaches its completion back in Westminster by Downing street, after travelling by Somerset House for the second time. When the race is over, The Rochester hotel near the half marathon finish line is offering a complimentary drink in the classic brasserie for those over eighteen-years-old who come in with a medal, so pop by to claim your rightful reward and unwind on a comfy chair after the long day.

Discover more about the marathon or learn how to get involved on the day. We hope to see you there!