Five reasons you should visit the Tower of London

November 26, 2019

Sat right in the lap of Blue Orchid Hotels’ Tower Suites is the world-famous Tower of London. While Tower Suites is one of the best hotels in London to enjoy unbeatable views over the stunning landmark, we will always advise any guest to join the 3 million people who visit the Tower each year.


Should you need convincing to add the Tower to your sightseeing list, here are our top five reasons you should pay it a visit:


1. Genuine Medieval Fortress

Dreamed into reality by William the Conqueror in 1066, the Tower was first designed as a military stronghold and weapons store. The grand structure- intended to intimidate threats to the Crown- remains impressive to this day, and the Tower is now one of the best-preserved medieval UNESCO World Heritage Sites.


2. The Crown Jewels

There are over 23,000 jewels being safely kept at the Tower of London, all of which belong to the royal family. Over 140 items make up this collection and the total value of these is said to be over £20 billion. This incredible display, kept secure by bomb-proof glass, is truly a sight to behold.

3. Well-known residents

Although it was not originally intended to be a prison, the Tower of London played host to some famous historical figures while they were doing time, including two of Henry VIII’s wives, Guy Fawkes, and the Kray twins. The wealthy among these inmates could afford to live in relative comfort, but those found to have committed treason suffered far worse fates, and 22 gruesome executions were carried out in the Tower until the last one in 1941.

4. The Lucky Ravens

A flock of ravens are kept at the Tower of London because it is believed that if they fly away, the Crown and Britain will fall. This superstition likely dates back to the Victorian era and is upheld to this day. A Ravenmaster cares for the flock, ensuring that at least 6 specially-bred ravens (and a spare!) are at the Tower at all times.

5. Guardians of the Tower

The Tower has been guarded by the Yeoman Warders, or ‘Beefeaters’ since Tudor times. Today’s Beefeaters must have 22 years of military service before they can join the guard, as some traditions have been upheld for over 900 years to keep the Tower safe. This includes the nightly Ceremony of the Keys; handing over the key for the outer gates of the fortress to the Resident Governor- the Monarch’s representative at the Tower of London. 
More than its reputation as a place of imprisonment and torture, the Tower of London has a rich history that is guaranteed to keep you entertained all day long. Then, once your legs are tired, Tower Suites is an easy few minutes away: the perfect location for a well-deserved feet up.