Begin Your Blissful Staycation at Charming & Luxurious Boutique Hotels in London, UK

June 28, 2021

A staycation is the 21st century’s biggest up-and-coming trend thanks to the ongoing global pandemic. With the amber list making international travel more complicated, staycations have become far more popular in the last year. Staycations are vacations one enjoys in the comfort and safety of a home away from home. Many try to plan and traditionally schedule their ‘holistays’ to get the feeling of being on a vacation, choosing national hotels to stay at during these leisure breaks. Luxurious boutique hotels in London, UK offer such packages to staycationers. 


Benefits of a Staycation:

Staycations can be just as enjoyable as holidays abroad, without the added hassle of long distance travel. There are a host of activities for you to try out like having a spa day, eating a bottomless brunch, visiting new cafes, or booking a new activity to try. Apart from all this, staycations have loads of benefits for you to consider: 


  1. Relish your Personal Space

Enjoy a home-like environment while you are on a holiday. Indulge in a luxurious room with a built-in kitchen and lounge, while you enjoy the myriad of facilities and services of a luxury boutique hotel in London. Tower Suites offers such opulent suites to give you a sense of independent living.


  1. Safety

The first and foremost concern of many travellers is their safety while taking a vacation during these times. Staying at a hotel or serviced apartment that has the COVID-19 guidelines in place is the best option to ensure your health and safety. You remain closer to your home and need not worry about the travel guidelines changing every day. All you have to worry about is booking a cab or train from your place to a hotel and back.


  1. Eco-Friendly and Money-Saving

If you are environmentally-conscious, staycations are a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. Carbon footprints are the amount of greenhouse gases, like methane and carbon dioxide being produced by our actions. Especially when you are a domestic traveller, you can choose to skip air travel and choose a more environmentally-friendly mode of transport. 


  1. Explore London Attractions 

With staycations you can visit all the locally-loved places. In London there are ample museums, cathedrals, theatres, opera houses, parks, cafes and restaurants for you to visit.

You can hail a cab from your staycation spot and visit Buckingham Palace or pop over to the Tower of London by taking a cruise on the Thames. Several luxury hotels in London are located near some of the most popular attractions in London.


  1. Connect with London’s History and Culture 

London is the largest city in England and the United Kingdom. Even people who have lived in London all their lives haven't been able to explore the entire city since it has so much to offer to its residents. London's association with history is an old one. It is one of the most visited cities in the world. Eat the English breakfast brunch, experience the vibrant cultures residing here, and interact with the architectural marvels that tell the tales from the Roman ages. 


  1. Pick out your activities

While travelling to London there is so much to explore. Some of the hidden gems in London are Little Venice, The Painted Hall, Neal's Yard; the list goes on and on. Most travellers have to take several trips to the city to explore some of the most unconventional places.


Lavish Staycation in London By Blue Orchid Hotels


Tower Suites

With 273 individual suites, you can enjoy your personal space at Tower Suites. One of the top boutique hotels in London, Tower Suites is equipped with kitchenettes, 24-hour room services and state-of-the-art amenities, offering panoramic views of the Tower of London. Enjoy an onsite bar, alfresco dining, spa and gym facilities after returning from a leisurely walk by the River Thames.

Additionally, the most popular places in London are located within walking distance. Once you are done with your breakfast, stop by Tower Bridge, Leadenhall Market or Whitechapel Gallery. Tower Suites strictly follows the guidelines set by the government and the WHO regarding the virus to ensure the safety of the visitors. 


The Rochester 

This premium 4-star hotel in central London is a steal deal for those looking for a peaceful staycation. Set near Westminster’s peaceful Vincent Square, the hotel is located away from the bustling city. Places like Victoria, St. James’ Park, the Apollo Victoria Theatre, Adelphi Theatre, Westminster Abbey, Tate Museum and the Saatchi Gallery are nearby options to visit during your vacation time. The Rochester offers the best hotel deals in London 


The Wellington 

One of the posh hotels in London, The Wellington is a luxury 4-star hotel near Vincent Square. From its 84 beautifully decorated rooms you can catch a glimpse of the iconic residential area of the city, located moments from the large lively streets. Within walking distance are St. James’ Park and Buckingham Palace. What will make your staycation even more memorable is the al-fresco dining, brunch menus, gym and spa facilities, 24-hour room services, and private gardens. 

London is a city of history, art, literature and culture. If you are planning a staycation in London, you will not be disappointed. Choose a Blue Orchid Hotels property for your staycation in a scenic hotel and take in the sights while you enjoy 5-star services. Get in touch today to make your summer reservation for the best luxurious boutique hotels in London.