A Building Fit For Royalty: Westminster Abbey

February 28, 2020


Westminster Abbey is one of London’s most iconic landmarks. The structure we see today has dominated the historic Westminster skyline since 1245, and in the years following it has played a part in many historical events, including weddings, funerals, and coronations.
Just a fifteen minute walk from Blue Orchid Hotels’ The Wellington and The Rochester, the abbey’s gothic exterior is a re-build. The original building on the site is thought to have been started in 960AD, making it 1,060 years old. Despite its more modern revival, Westminster Abbey still contains the oldest door in Britain: the tree that created it was felled in 1,032 and the door itself was created in 1,050. A more recent addition to the stunning architecture is a stained glass window designed by famous artist, David Hockney. The glass feature named ’The Queen’s Window’ was placed in 2018 to celebrate the Queen’s reign, and is said to represent her ‘yearning for the countryside’. Visit on a sunny day to see it at its very best.
Westminster Abbey in London
Westminster Abbey is a great day trip for the family, and equally great to enjoy solo: there’s something for everyone to do there. When the royal wedding graced screens all around the world in 2011, Westminster Abbey was highlighted in all its glory with 20-foot tall trees decorating either side of the aisle. The abbey is the venue of choice for most contemporary royal weddings, the reigning Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Phillip got married there in 1947. The British royal family has a long history in Westminster and nearby St James’s Park, meaning Vincent Square is the best place to stay in Central London for any royalist.
View of London, United Kingdom
Terraced houses only appeared on Vincent Square in the late 1700’s; 740 years after the abbey was built. The historic residents of Vincent Square and today’s guests at the hotels near Westminster Abbey walk past the same grand view to get to work, to the River Thames, or other parts of Central London. To this day the abbey is a hub of cultural significance, regularly holding public events like worships, songs of The Quire and large significant events like The Commonwealth Service. From Vincent Square, the abbey is just a short walk down the lively Victoria Street past some of London’s most popular cafes. Guests can also take a slightly longer but more quaint route through the peaceful backstreets that will bring them out right by the River Thames and the Houses of Parliament. As always, Blue Orchid Hotels are the best Central London hotels for sightseeing: always in the most convenient spots for seeing landmarks on foot, catching bus tours, or enjoying a short underground tube journey to London’s most beloved spots.
Always choose your hotels near westminster abbey, it will be easy for traveling. The abbey opens at 9:30 and closes at 3:30 on weekdays, with special opening hours on Wednesday afternoons, Saturdays, and dedicated opening for services on Sundays. Find out more and book tickets via the Westminster Abbey website or speak to the hotel’s concierge staff during your stay for personal trip planning assistance.