7 Reasons Why You Will Love Sumptuous Brunch in 5 Star Hotels in London

June 30, 2021

Brunches are extremely popular, with alcoholic beverages and tasteful food in a social setting. The top hotels in London serve brunch to adults who wish to catch up with an old friend, meet with family, or even organise a business meeting. Now the rules for hospitality are somewhat relaxed, the setting is cheerful for a perfect late morning breakfast with an à la carte menu. 

Brunches in the UK are loved by most of the population. The term was coined by an English writer, Guy Beringer, in his essay titled "Brunch: A Plea" from 1895. He suggested the idea of a meal around noon time. Beginning with tea or coffee, pancake or waffles, and other breakfast items, it is ideal for those looking for the perfect mid-morning to afternoon activity.

Enjoy a sumptuous brunch in the best 5 star hotels in London for a truly luxurious culinary experience.


Reasons Why People Love Brunch

Indulging in a meal while relaxing in an ambient restaurant that is aesthetically pleasing is what makes brunches lovable. What makes them even more special is the social, happy and exciting environment all around them. However, there are more reasons to adore brunches including: 


  1. The Timing 

Considering you are full from last night's meal, eating too early in the day might make you nauseous. Brunches do not have any fixed timing. Lie in, sleep late or even go on a merry stroll in the meantime. During this, you have the opportunity to acclimate yourself to the idea of food. You are never too late to eat, so get some delicious brunch food from the best 5-star hotels when you can. 


  1. Eat What You Wish

Between breakfast and lunch timings, at a brunch, you can eat whatever you want. You have both options available to you. If you are always torn between the breakfast menu and lunch one, brunch is the solution to your indecision.

You can even eat twice as much since it's breakfast and lunch time. No one's going to bat an eyelid over your selections. Fine dining restaurants London have an array of items that will interest both your savoury and sweet taste buds. 


  1. Idyllic Social Event

Planning a quiet, peaceful event with your loved ones? A brunch would be perfect for you! 

Brunches are set in a relaxed and tranquil environment where you can enjoy food and drinks while chatting with your family or friends. 

It is ideal for all those wishing to reconnect with old friends or colleagues, meet up with their families, and even organise an informal business meeting. If you have a busy lifestyle, a lazy brunch surrounded by those you adore might be the best thing for you. Take as long as you want while chatting and sipping a mimosa. 


  1. Best for Vegetarians and Vegans

For all the Vegetarians and Vegans out there, the menu for brunch is diverse. You need not worry about having to request restaurants to tweak your food to suit your plant-loving diet. 

You will have multiple options ranging from salads and vegan sausages to porridges and pancakes. All of this paired with a range of options for alternative milk allows you to fully enjoy your meal. 


  1. The Alcohol on the Menu

One of the charms of the brunch is the variety of drinks available. Be it coffee, tea, coolers, and even alcohol. The best hotel bars in London have an extensive beverage menu to accommodate everyone. 

The environment is relaxed and so are the rules. If you are with kids, no need to fret. Hot chocolates, smoothies and shakes are at your disposal. For adults, day drinking on a lazy day with loved ones and cherishing a warm meal is next to heaven.


  1. Savoury and Sweet Delights

Proposed by Beringer himself, his essay suggested that one follows up their brunches with tea and cakes to finish off the meal.

So while you are at a brunch, enjoy some of the finest savoury treats that are provided by the restaurants and end it with a sweet treat. No meal is ever complete without a dessert, just like a brunch is incomplete without alcohol. 


  1. Laissez-Faire Dress Code

Brunches are social and informal events. You can show up in a hoodie and pyjamas or your uber-formal attire: both are socially acceptable. There are no rules on what to wear on a brunch day-out, be it with friends or family. For business meetings you can approach the semi-formal attire, but it is all about the food in the end. 


Top Places to have a Brunch in London 


The Wellington Al Fresco- The Wellington

With the all-day breakfast and buffet menu, sit by the London skyline and enjoy a late breakfast under the sun. As one of the many hotels near Buckingham Palace, you can pop over to famous landmarks like Soho Theatre, Westminster Abbey, Tate Britain or the London Eye to complete your experience.

The rooftop dining menu includes a melange of food and drinks to choose from. From catering to vegans, vegetarians, and non-vegetarians, the Wellington Restaurant indulges in the finest London has to offer. 


The Vegan Brasserie- The Rochester

For all those practising veganism, this restaurant in The Rochester specialises in vegan delicacies. From vegan meat to plant-based sweet treats, The Vegan Brasserie is bound to be one of the most impeccable locations for you to try in London. What’s worth trying out in The Vegan Brasserie are their vegan burgers that are served with fries. With an assortment of plant-based ingredients, these burgers can be paired with pizzas, cakes, and tacos. The Vegan Brasserie is a one-minute walk from Blue Orchid Hotels’ The Rochester, the top 4 star hotel in central London


Cento Alla Torre - Tower Suites

Italian delicacies under the morning sun overlooking the River Thames, Cento Alla Torre has an artfully crafted menu for brunch lovers. Located in the heart of London, from the terrace you will have a magnificent view of Tower Gardens and the Tower of London. The cool breeze from the river Thames goes well with the Italian regalement. The carte-du-jour for brunches is as vast as the beverages, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic. 

Brunches in London are loved by tourists and natives alike. There are drinks to taste and delicacies to try. There is no reason you cannot enjoy a late morning breakfast with a lunch menu in an ambient environment with the people you love. All your preferences will be catered to, regardless of your diet choices. So kick back, relax, and appreciate the fancy meals. 

Get in touch with the teams at Wellington Al Fresco, The Vegan Brasserie or Cento Alla Torre to make your sumptuous brunch reservation in some of the top brunch spots in London.