6 Key Benefits You Should Expect at the Best Luxury Boutique Hotels in London of 2021

May 19, 2021

When you’re staying at the top hotels in London, the room prices may seem shocking to those not familiar with the city. So, it’s important to ensure you’re getting what you paid for when it comes to the hotel’s offerings. 

5 star hotels have a list of key criteria about guest services. From room service hours to on-site facilities, they need to meet certain criteria in order to be a 5 star hotel. Make the most out of your stay at the best 5 star hotels in London with our handy tips on what to look out for during your visit.

Room (including amenities)

Let’s start with the place you’ll likely be spending the most of your time at the hotel: your room. Rooms at the best 5 star hotels in London still vary in size like you’d expect at any type of hotel (this is still the centre of a capital city, after all!) However, there are a number of key room features and amenities that set it apart from a room in a 4 star hotel or below.

There is a guarantee that boutique hotels London will always be beautifully appointed and styled. You’ll find impeccable cleaning and attention to detail, alongside guest-focussed technology focused on user convenience. Premium quality is ensured for everything ranging from professional in-room coffee machines to smartscreen TVs. Blue Orchid Hotels’ Tower Suites boast of spacious and well-lit rooms finished with large beds, plenty of storage space, and scenic views of the neighbouring Tower of London.

Immaculate Service

The service is truly the element that separates the top hotels in London from the rest. An impeccable service is the combination of attentive and discreet loyalty and royalty. Comfort and exclusive service should be available consistently as and when guests require it.

Service provision can range anywhere from room service (should be 24 hours) and dry cleaning, to a concierge desk that can book you a last minute reservation at some of the best fine dining spots in the city. 

On-site Facilities

Luxury facilities available to guests from their room and near it can really seal the deal in turning a good hotel stay into a great one. 

The 5 star and boutique hotels London in its central districts are known to tend facilities specifically geared toward relaxation, but Tower Suites takes it one step further with a heavenly combination of beauty, relaxation and wellbeing offering. 

Guests can go for a one-on-one personal training session at top of the range London Fitness Studio, before heading to the natural haven of Adamo Spa for a rejuvenating massage or wellness treatment. Finally, guests can head to TJ’s Grooming atelier for a trim and shape-up before stepping out into London feeling totally refreshed and restored.

Fine Dining

Some of the most convenient offerings a hotel can provide for its guests are the on-site dining options. Fine dining options are perfect after a long day when you don’t want to compromise excellent quality food for comfortability and ease of use. The boutique hotel’s offering should range from sumptuous breakfast options, to exquisite lunches and gourmet dinner selections complete with a la carte, dessert and drinks menus. Overall, the food and drinks options should be of high quality and unique to the hotel’s own outlets.

Cento alla Torre is the authentic Italian restaurant located on the ground floor premises of Tower Suites. Offering guests the chance to experience exquisite dining at any time of the day, the restaurant also boasts a panoramic window with a sweeping view across the road to where the historic Tower of London is located. 

Simply Fresh to Go is a health and wellness food option for those guests who are frequently on the go: never compromising excellent quality food and drinks for convenience. The sultry lounge bar Sapphire gives guests the space to sit back and enjoy a signature cocktail in the peace and quiet when the bustle of central London’s hottest drink spots is just a little too much.


It goes without saying that all the best 5 star hotels in London are located in or near the city’s central districts. To truly make the most of your luxury getaway in London you should always endeavour to choose a hotel located near where you intend to spend the most time. Booked tickets to see a West End theatre performance? Look for a hotel located in Piccadilly. Want to wake up every morning and appreciate the city’s most famous landmarks right on your doorstep? Tower Hill is the perfect spot for you.

You’ll find the best and most exciting cultural offerings in central London: the top rated dining spots, live entertainment, and world-famous landmarks are all a short walk away, or available by a few minutes via the London Underground system. Blue Orchid Hotels are always located in the city’s best spots, in the centre of the city’s buzz and arts and cultural offerings. No matter which hotel you choose to stay at, you’ll know you’re getting the very best of what London has to offer.

Covid-19 Safe

Finally, the top 5 star hotels have adapted over the past year to make the facilities more Covid-19 safe to keep their guests safe. Guests should look out for facilities for Covid testing, rooms for self-isolation with round the clock room service, and temperature checks on the door.

Blue Orchid Hotels have rapidly expanded their wellbeing offering as a response to the global pandemic, ensuring the utmost safety of guests and staff alike. With contact-free temperature check on the door and rigorous staff health and safety training including regular cleaning protocols, guests can be assured of their safety while staying in any of the group’s luxury central London hotels. Verified as Good to Go by Visit England for adhering to the industry standards for cleaning and safety, and awarded a certificate of assurance by Bureau Veritas; world leaders in testing, inspecting, and certification.

You’ll also find contactless checkout, disposable amenities and fully sanitised taxi partnerships to transport guests to and from their drop-off points.

Blue Orchid Hotels are London's most trusted independent hotel collection, offering contemporary luxury in the city's most iconic locations. For more info, bookings or feedback, please connect with us via info@blueorchid.com or call us at +44 (0) 203 972 1800.