5 key tips for making the best use of your trip to London

April 16, 2021


While London is a big city, don’t feel overwhelmed by the thought of trying to see all the sights in just a weekend. London is the perfect city break for any person looking for a weekend away, no matter the reason: there is something for everyone and you’re sure to find something you enjoy while visiting. 


London is large but easy to navigate, especially if you are staying in Central London, have a love for walking, or a knack for figuring out complicated public transport systems. Regardless, it will save you plenty of time for more fun things if you plan your stay ahead of time, maximising your days from the moment you wake up in your comfortable hotel room, to kicking back with a drink in the hotel bar at the end of a long day!


Read on for some of our top tips for visiting London to make the most of your stay: from daytime activity suggestions to advice on finding the best hotel in Central London


Tip 1: Parks


For England’s capital city, there are no shortages of green spaces. Now we’re in spring and the weather is slowly improving, the parks are the first places you should consider heading to when you wake up in the morning. Dependent on what you are interested in, there are a number of options for you:


The wildlife: St James’s Park

St James’s Park is full of some of the most diverse (and friendly) wildlife in London. Great for kids: take a handful of seeds to feed the green parakeets and squirrels while you’re there- but watch out for the pelican!


Some history: Green Park

Set beside the historical Buckingham Palace and an interesting story behind its name. Green Park is great for those who like their history.


Views: Regents Park

Primrose Hill in Regents Park is known for its views over the London Skyline: the perfect photo opportunity and for a better view of the sights of London.


Lots of walking space: Hyde Park

To get your blood pumping for your morning run, take the dog on a walk, or somewhere to take your kids for a run around: Hyde Park is the largest of the four Royal Parks in Central London.


Picnicking: Hampstead Heath

For plenty of space to spread out, go to Hampstead Heath with your breakfast on a sunny day for a more relaxed start to your weekend in the city.


Tip 2: Famous Landmarks

Next, we recommend heading into London’s centre to check out some of the landmarks that people travel to see from all around the world. Walk along the River Thames in a loop to take in most of the main sights you will probably recognise from tourist photos.


  1. Trafalgar Square
  2. Westminster Abbey
  3. Palace of Westminster
  4. London Eye
  5. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre
  6. Tower of London

Because the centre of London is flat, a sightseeing walk by the Thames River is accessible to everyone- from parents with buggies to people who need wheelchair access.


Tip 3: Shopping


There’s a reason some of the best-loved parts of London are the shopping districts, and that is for the multitude of world-class high street and designer brands available on every corner. From luxury department stores to chic boutique ateliers, here are some of the places you can go to meet your next favourite purchase:


  • Oxford Street
  • Regent Street
  • Bond Street
  • Westfield’s Stratford
  • Knightsbridge
  • Carnaby Street
  • Covent Garden


Go shopping in London and you’re bound to find yourself something unique and wonderful to take home as a souvenir. We recommend this activity for your weekend getaway in London, as you will often encounter some of London’s historic architecture and maybe a celeb or two along the way.


Tip 4: Fine Dining


London is well known for being a proud multicultural city. The result? An incredible variety of food options from around the world. We’ve provided some of the top must-trys for foodies: all you need to do is pick what dining experience you’re looking for, and make room for dessert!


  1. Markets: perfect for fussy eaters, groups, and indecisive people 

  • Borough Market
  • Camden Market
  • Greenwich Market
  • Spitalfields Market


  1. Dinner with a view: perfect for those who want a good photo at dinner

  • OXO Tower
  • The Shard
  • SushiSamba Liverpool Street
  • Darwin Brasserie


  1. Local legends: perfect for people who want the classic London experience

  • The Ivy
  • Sexy Fish
  • The Ledbury
  • Quaglinos


  1. Quirky dining: perfect for those looking to try something different

  • Sketch
  • BoxPark Shoreditch
  • Petersham Nurseries
  • Coppa Club

Tip 5: Luxury Stay


What’s better at the end of a long day in the city than putting your feet up in the comfort of a 4 star hotel in London. Where you stay is the most important factor in turning a good trip into a great one. 


  • Stay near the sights

While it may seem tempting to want to get away from the bustle of London’s centre, choosing a room close to the activities you have picked out means you save time on travelling in the mornings: something that can take hours out of your day if you book a hotel too far away! Staying in Central London does not mean you need to compromise on price or room quality- you will find plenty of affordable en suite hotel rooms dedicated to providing the best stays for London’s weekend travellers.


  • Choose a hotel with great concierge service

The hotel’s concierge is not just there to bring a bottle of wine to your room after a long day. They can actually make reservations for you, book your taxis, and be a general guide to the city that’ll make your stay much more pleasant. 


Some of the best-connected people in London, concierges are often charged with getting VIP guests last-minute tables at some of London’s most coveted dining spots or exclusive galleries and events. Head down to the concierge desk and ask them to work their magic, and often you’ll walk away with your weekend plans sorted having not lifted a finger.